Martin Scorsese
The Emotion through the Music

From Taxi Driver, for which he hired the great Bernard Herrmann, meet with New York New York, or The Last Waltz, until now, as he produces a series of documentaries about Blues music, and even the near future, since he is currently preparing a documentary about, and starring Bob Dylan, – The Bob Dylan Anthology – , one can definitely say that music, in Martin Scorsese’s universe, is the very core of his movie making.

“I used to live in an overpopulated neighbourhood where you could hear the music through every apartment’s windows, as well as pubs’ or candy stores’. Radio was on the whole day long, we heard the juke-box from the other side of the street, and in the big towers, we would hear opera through one window, Benny Goodman through another, and rock and roll on the first floor. That really was crazy… a nuts’ neighborhood…So, I thought: “Why don’t we ever get to see that in the movies?”
Martin Scorsese

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Robert Kuperberg
Production:  LGM
Network : Ciné Cinéma
Year : 2005
Running Time : 52 minutes


Martin Scorsese