The Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood

Le Syndicat des acteurs à Hollywood

When everyone thinks of Hollywood, the Golden years of Hollywood, all you see is beauty everything in the screen, the lines of chorus girls are all smiling, happy and everyone looks perfectly fine but, behind the scenes, the actual people that you see on screen, it was often very, very different. These people were tired, these people worked “worryingly” long hours in many cases. There was nothing to really control how this worked. You did not have overtime, you did not have nearpenalties, you did not have people on the sets observing the sets to make sure that nothing dangerous was being done. The only organization in fact that existed at all covering anything for actors at that time in Hollywood was the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, until The Screen Actors Guild.

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Robert Kuperberg
Producer : Viva Productions
Year : 2004
Running time : 52 minutes
Network : Ciné Cinéma


Elliott Gould

Valerie Yaros
SAG Historian

Melissa Gilbert
Actress and President of the SAG