Los Angeles Film Noir

The approach to the subject matter is innovative in so far as it focus on Los Angeles as the model for urban crime. And who else would be better suited to talk about the underbelly of the city than James Ellroy.

As LA inspired most of the film noir it is through the city that the story of the genre will be told. Alain Silver, author of LA Noir, and Eddie Muller, author and President of the Film Noir Foundation in LA will also contribute their findings. Clips of the most important film noir titles will round off a re-appraisal of the popular genre: Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, Big Sleep, Gun Crazy, Scarlet Street, The Big Combo, Cross Fire, China Town, Kiss Me Deadly, Mildred Pierce, Laura, LA Confidential.

Directors: Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Production: Wichita Films
Producers: Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Network: OCS
Year : 2015
Running Time : 52 minutes

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James Ellroy

Eddie Muller
Writer & Film noir expert

Alain Silver