The Witches of Hollywood

Throughout time, witches have represented many things for women – maturity, sexuality, rebirth, revenge and feminism. Witches are characters who often live in a society that oppresses or fears them for their power – they represent how women have struggled to find their place in the male-dominated world and how a woman having such power can be “dangerous.” This is not only and occurrence in fiction– it’s also reflective of our history. 

Women with allegedly supernatural powers and not fitting into society were called witches in pre-enlightenment times, prosecuted and often burnt. Modern witches mostly play a divinatory or healing role or simply claim woman´s lib. Hollywood for a long time used a male concept of what a witch had to be but this has been changing lately and we now get a female look at extraordinary women.

Director : Sophie Peyrard
Producers : Clara & Julia Kuperberg
Production : Wichita Films
Co producer : Martine Melloul / Kali Pictures
Network : OCS
Year : 2019
Running time : 55 minutes

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Peg Aloi

Heather Greene

Pam Grossman

Kristen Sollee

Dianca Potts

Selected at the Salem Horror Festival (USA) 2021
Selected at the Soho Horror Festival (UK) 2021