Joseph Campbell : The Hero with the Thousand Faces

All stories are myths. For all stories make up the mosaic of myth, what Campbell called the “modern myths”. So it doesn’t matter whether it is a movie, a novel, an opera or indeed a new story. It all contributes to this mosaic that we could call the myths. And somehow it’s the world narrative, it’s the narrative of human kind across the ages. So film making it’s just a subspecies of it it’s just a small part of that process. I dare to say that almost any movie falls into the category of mythology. But the most striking examples I think that everybody’s quote is George Lucas’ StarWars stories. Particularly the first trilogy. Which was inspired enormously by Joseph Campbell and “Hero With the Thousand Faces”.  George Miller

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Robert Kuperberg
Producer : Telescope Audiovisuel
Year : 2004
Running time : 52 minutes
Channel : Ciné Cinéma


George Miller
Director Mad Max

Gerald McDermott
Specialist of Joseph Campbell