James Ellroy «American Dog»

This is the story of a life-long obsession, the life in question being James Ellroy’s. From a news item, the murder of the Black Dahlia, to the slaying of his mother, this is the initiatory journey of a man and author who plumbed the depths of hell before finding redemption.

Why do all his books keep returning to the same subject, with the same protagonists? Because his entire life, both as a man and a writer, has revolved around a single obsession: the murder of his mother – a murder which became entangled with the killing of the girl known as the Black Dahlia, found naked and mutilated on a vacant lot ten years earlier.

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Robert Kuperberg
Production: LGM & ARTE France
Network: ARTE France
Year : 2006
Running Time : 52 minutes

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James Ellroy

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