Ida Lupino: Gentlemen & Miss Lupino

Ida Lupino, the only woman immersed in the heart of a masculine Hollywood, is not only the film noir actress who replicates Bogart, she is above all a great director that history has forgotten. Since the late 1940s, she is the most prolific filmmaker that Hollywood has known until today. She brought to the screen subjects that the studios did not even dare to tackle; rape, abortion and bigamy, in puritan America.
When Ida Lupino joined the Director Guild of America, the powerful directors’ union, the sessions opened with this now famous phrase: “Gentlemen & Miss Lupino”. She was the only woman in the union’s 1300 members.

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Production : Wichita Films
Producers : Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Co Producer : Martine Melloul / Kali Pictures
Network : OCS
Year : 2021
Running Time : 53 minutes

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Ally Acker
Author of Reel Women: Pioneers of the Cinema

Julie Grossman
Author of Ida Lupino, Director: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition

Tony Maietta
Film Historian

Selected at Toronto International Women Film Festival 2022

Selected at LA Independent Women Film Festival 2022

Selected at N.Y Athena Film Festival 2022

Selected at AMDOCS Palm Springs 2022

Selected at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2022

Selected at Lumière Film Festival 2021