Billy Wilder Nobody’s Perfect

“Eighty percent of a picture is writing, the other twenty percent is the execution, such as having the camera on the right spot and being able to afford to have good actors in all parts”, Billy Wilder once modestly said. And indeed film critics cannot decide whether he is a greater scriptwriter or director, although four of his films belong to the top 100 list established by the American Film Institute; Sight & Sound ranks him as the seventh of their great directors’ list and he received the coveted Life Achievement Award in 1986.

Clara and Julia Kuperberg will also interview film critics such as Joseph McBride and use unique footage with the man himself, whose films are always multi- layered and often full of caustic wit and irony, sometimes hidden behind very funny lines. In typical Wilder fashion he had engraved on his tomb stone: “I’m a Writer but then Nobody’s perfect”. Clips will include Ninotchka, Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like it Hot, The Apartment

Directors : Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Production: Wichita Films
Producers: Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Network: OCS
Year : 2016
Running time : 54 minutes

Watch the film here:


Billy Wilder (footage)

Joseph McBride
Film critic and Author of Hawks by Hawks

Tony Maietta
Film critic

Paul Diamond
Son of the screenwriter I.A.L Diamond

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